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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Since this is a walking tour, do I have to be in really great shape?

This is a moderate tour and mostly flat surfaces. There may be a bit of a hill and a set of steps in some cases, but if you can walk for an hour you will be fine.

2. How will I know our guide?

Your guide will be dressed in a top hat, black cape and carrying a lantern so they will stand out a bit. They will also be at the start of the tour at approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the tour begins.

3. What if it rains? Or snows? etc

Our tours take place in all types of weather. (In fact, rainy weather makes the atmosphere a little "spookier") In case of extreme weather conditions we do reserve the right to cancel a tour if we feel the safety of the participants is in jeopardy.

4. How long are the tours?

The tours usually last between 90 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes depending on the size of the group and the tour.

5. Are these tours suitable for children?

Yes, in fact, unless your child is prone to nightmares, you'll probably be more spooked than they will. Our tours focus on real stories, legends and history. Nobody
is going to jump out of the bushes to scare you.

6. Will we see ghosts?

While we can’t make ghosts appear on command, some of our tour groups have certainly experienced some strange and unexplainable occurrences while the tour is in progress. So keep your eyes open, and be sure to tell your Tour Guide if anything spooky happens during the tour.

7. Where do the ghost stories come from?

Our stories come from the Glen Bow Museum and Ft. Calgary archives, newspapers,  assorted ghost story books and personal accounts & interviews. We try to research them as best we can but we leave it up to you to decide what to believe.

8. Are we required to tip our guide?

If you enjoyed your tour a gratuity is always appreciated although absolutely not required.
9. Can we bring our dog/horse/bunny/cat?  They haven't bitten anyone and really love people.
Sadly, we can't allow pets of any type on our tours.  Not everyone is comfortable around animals and if anyone was to get hurt (tripping over leashes etc) we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves.


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