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Hillhurst Elementary School - Kensington, Calgary AB

The Hillhurst Elementary School in the Kensington area of Calgary AB is home to a spirit by the name of Ernest Stephens, affectionately know as Stevie. who was the caretaker from 1912 - 1928. Stevie died of a heart attack in the caretakers suite on the top floor of the school, but that hasn't stopped him from carrying on his work.

I recently met a woman who told me she was responsible for scheduling casual caretakers for the school a few years ago.

One evening, she sent two new caretakers to the school. Only a few hours into their shift, one of the workers called her and asked to be reassigned for the rest of their shift. When questioned, he admitted that he had become very uneasy while working in the building.

The caretaker had been sweeping the floors and had made a pile of debris when his cellphone rang. Thinking it might be a job for the next day, he leaned the broom up against the wall and answered the phone. When he returned, he found the broom was moved about 2 feet down the hall and that the pile of debris was nowhere to be seen. The floor was clean. He went downstairs to find his partner, who claimed he had not been upstairs all morning.

Teachers and children alike have reported seeing the saloon doors inside the school start swinging. There's only two problems with that. No one was near the doors and each door was swinging in the opposite direction. Stevie was known for swinging the doors like that when he walked by.

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